Curriculum areas:

  • Practical Life (Care of the Person, Care of the Environment, Grace and Courtesy)
  • Sensorial Exploration
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Self- Expression and Art
  • Music
  • Cultural (Geography, Botany, Science, Ways of Life and Traditions found in Different countries and regions)

Social and Emotional Development

  • Independence and Responsibility
  • Respect for themselves, each other and the environment
  • Appropriate Interactions between peers and adults
  • Acceptance and Tolerance
  • Happiness, Joyfulness and Contentment
  • Life Long Love of Learning
  • Positive Relationship with School

Academic Growth

  • Freedom to gain further knowledge and develop more skills at own pace
  • Concept of Numbers – quantity, sequence and symbol
  • Written and Oral Language Development
  • Discrimination of different qualitites in Objects

Physical Development

  • Control of Movement
  • Coordination
  • Equilibrium
  • Order
  • Refinement of Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Preparation of the Hand for Writing
  • PsychoSensory Motor Development

Work Ethic

  • Development of Concentration
  • Use of Verbal Skills
  • Making Independent Choices
  • Increased Attention Spans
  • Flow
  • Completion of Work Cycles