My Story

Always a Montessorian:

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and read about Mighty Oaks Montessori School.  I am the founder and Head of School, Jennifer Lynch MEd.  I am a lifelong resident of Auburn MA and the mother of 5 amazing humans!  I began my career in education within the MA public school system.  While teaching in the mainstream system I realized how many students’ needs were not able to be met by the curriculum and methods of the system.  My passion for teaching and reaching every child led me to a self-study of The Montessori Method.  As I implemented the few things I learned in my main stream classrooms I realized how wonderful the method was and was convinced it the optimal way to educate!

 I was fortunate to obtain an Assistant Teaching position at a Montessori Program in Framingham MA.  After being in the environment for two days I realized, “This is why I had gone into teaching!”  The joy of the students, the freedom, the contentedness, the beautiful environment and immaculate materials these children could learn with!  I was smitten!

I was so fortunate to work with amazing Montessorians and in amazing Montessori Environments in Boston MA, VA and New York.  After many years of formal Montessori Training, receiving my Master’s Degree and having developed many environments for Montessori Programs in the greater Boston and Metrowest areas I decided it was time to create a school closer to home!  I wanted to create a school that exemplified all the wonderful aspects of a Montessori Learning Environment in the Central MA area.  Recognizing the need for high quality Early Childhood Education to be offered to Worcester County families Mighty Oaks Montessori School opened in the Spring of 2011.

 Mighty Oaks is located at 203 Pakachoag Street in Auburn, MA.    We have three classrooms; a toddler community (15 months – 2.9 yrs.) and a Children’s House (2.9 yrs. to 6 yrs.).  We offer full and half day programs2, 3, 4- and 5-day programs as well as early and late care.  Our Early Care begins at 8 am.  The regular school day starts at 8:30. Half day dismissal is at 12:30, Full day dismissal is at 3:00 and the late care program ends at 4pm.  We follow a 36-week academic schedule and also run a abbreviated Summer Program.

 Our teachers are all Montessori Certified and have at least 5 years of teaching experience.  Actually,  combined we have a total of 100 years of teaching experience!  We are so fortunate to reside in a beautiful facility, with ample outdoor space and our location offers parent easy access to the Mass Pike, 290, Rte. 20, Rte. 12, 395 and 146.

 Most importantly, we are able to offer young children and their families an exceptional childcare experience and an authentic, affordable Montessori Education.  Our school community supports the needs of the child and the family, balancing the importance of a quality Early Childhood Education Program with the needs of working families wanting more for their child than a typical childcare facility can offer.

Jennifer Lynch