Supporting your child in Expressing and Understanding their Emotions

Frustrated, Worried, Angry, Happy and Sad………emotions we all experience and now being sheltered in place these emotions may come up for each and everyone of us all in one day! Our children are going through as much inner turmoil as we are and it can be difficult for them to understand and express these strong emotions. As parents we may see behavioral changes in rsponse to these emotions.

We are so blessed at Mighty Oaks to have an amazing Parent Community of Professional Educators, Psychologists and Social Workers. Kellie Sweeney, as well as being Henry’s mom, is also the School Psychologist at South Grafton Elementary School and has shared some incredible resources for us to support our family during this time. Thank you Kellie!

Stay tuned for more resources! We miss you all! To all our Acorns; you are amazing and we can not wait to be with you again!

Love, Miss Jen