Keeping Order in Chaos

This is certainly a surreal time and everyday we are learning more about the novel corona virus attacking our society.  It is easy as adults to get wrapped up in the News and on Social Media, but it is also causing added anxiety and stress to an already tenuous situation.  While it is important to stay informed it is necessary to break away from it as well.   As adults we know how to practice self-care and understand what is happening with our own selves and how to meet our individual needs.  For our children that is not the case.  It is up to us to pay attention to their behaviors, good and bad, their emotions and over all well-being. 

For the Toddler and Preschool age child routine and order are of utmost importance.  A routine helps them establish trust and security in their environment.  Order in the environment allows them to competently explore and be independent in the environment.  The structure of a school and work day offers us the routine and order that is so necessary.  So how can we create this when going to school and work are not an option?

Create a Family Schedule and have everyone agree to follow it.  Plan meals as a family and allow children to help prepare them.  Limit screen time.  Have specific times of the day for specific activities. Working from home with a spouse?  You should take turns managing the children so each of you feel free and have time to concentrate on your work.  Whether you split the Day in half or the week in half; sharing the work/home routines will allow everyone has their needs met.   It also conveys to your children that you are a strong, solid team.  The message of stability and reliability is now, more than ever, the message our children need to hear.

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